: Gleams from light for Al-Austathe Ali Al-Zaidi

  1. government of gangs and thief that work for external agendas
  2. The bloods which were shed in the red zone will bring the life for the land of Iraq
  3. Indeed from the signs of the sincere and believer nation is to be fought continuously from the oppressors
  4. Indeed this uprising and this popular revolution is a shape from shapes of the sincere homage for Al-Imam Al-Mahdi peace of Allah be upon him
  5. Demonstrating.Sit-in..Uprising Revolution
  6. The other nations should learn from Iraqi people the meanings of dignity, determination and stability on the principle
  7. You will stay high O nation of Iraq
  8. all governments which use the violent to crush the nation voice, the vanishing will be its destiny
  9. The nation insists on the reformation and dismisses the corruptors. And the government insists on keeping on them
  10. Here is Hussein of reformation has come to fight Yazeed of corruptor and the choice was presented to you
  11. By awareness and vigilance of faithful believers and their trend to the right with rapid steps , we can reduce the time of appearance of our imam ( Al-Mahdi)
  12. The peaceful demonstration and popular uprising are signs preceding the blessed appearance
  13. By your revolution and blessed uprising, you have carried the freedom torches and your way which reaches to dignity has filled with light
  14. Your voice O my nation will stay a seism destroys them
  15. Make from your walk on feet toward Al-Imam Al-Hussein in the anniversary of birthday of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi a complaint
  16. Iraq asked the help from Al-Sader's family.. Then they helped him
  17. peaceful of uprising
  18. Iraq is a name that rose and rises on the tyrants
  19. the uprising of the rebel
  20. The Iraqi people has been afflicted with the stings of snakes Betrayal of wolves... and elusion of foxes
  21. The government who allege that she wants the good for Iraq We didn't see from her deeds except blackness in blackness
  22. Iraq is a country of men
  23. O government of corruption Ignoring the voices of nation will not bring benefit for you
  24. Iraqi men are men whose hearts like piece of iron
  25. If you search about the shortest ways to reach to the paradise
  26. Al-Sader's family has been created to support the weak people
  27. Our highness is by Al-Sader's family Our dignity is by Al-Sader's family
  28. Certainly for the one whom wait for Al-Imam Al-Mahdi peace o Allah be upon him to determine the side of right at his age
  29. Certainly for the one who walk on the sincerity and integrity way to live the experience of self-sacrifice
  30. Don't imagine that the oppressor and corruptor are always appearing his immorality and corrupted creed
  31. You couldn't be from those who are waiting for Al-Imam al- Mahdi without living the moments of facing the oppressor
  32. Make from your walk to Al-Imam Al-Hussein
  33. Most of those who are existent inside and outside Iraq know the right
  34. If you knew the right and didn't support it
  35. If you don't support the right in the suitable time , then regret will not benefit you
  36. The divine leader doesn't move expect for what is good
  37. Pay attention to what is going around you from right call and seize the opportunity to join it
  38. The isolation of the leader is kind of breeding and trial
  39. Endeavor to integrate yourself by purifying it from sins and offense
  40. No one has the right to object on the isolation of Al-sayyid the leader
  41. From the obstacles that affect in the reformation way
  42. The reformation in the external world and in the soul world is two correlative things
  43. From the methods that affect in breeding and integration is to take lessons from the history events
  44. We have to upraise and revolt against our souls that inclined to evil ..to be able to complete the reformation way
  45. Learn from Iraqi people how to make from deprivation and poverty a torch of freedom and loftiness
  46. The continuous in the progressive line of revolution and demonstration against the corruptors
  47. The messenger of Allah said: people will come after you the man from them has a reward of fifty men from you
  48. The oppressor can't be oppressor without means that help him on his oppression
  49. From the sever trials is to face the corruptors who wear the garment of religion and piety
  50. The patience in staying on the right way is leading to the salvation
  51. The voices of frees and reformers will not die
  52. If you were born freethen persist to die free
  53. When the human was conquered by abjectness and misery then nothing will remain for his humanity to survive by it
  54. You will stay freeloftyhigh O Iraq
  55. Occupationoccupation's tailssectarianism all of them try to tear and destroy you
  56. They saw you O my country how that Allah gave you all good
  57. From constituents of continuance for Iraqi nation
  58. If any country in this earthly planet suffered from the compressive conditions that Al-Iraq lived
  59. There are two sides antagonized Al-Iraq in the present situation
  60. From the characteristics of those who are waiting for Al-Imam Al-Mahdi
  61. YesYesIraqwe die and Iraq lives
  62. If a voice called for the right and for changing the corrupted situation
  63. Many days from blessed Ramadan passed, did we change anything from ourselves
  64. The stability isn't from the merits of trials but it was created on changing and variety
  65. We shouldn't expect that the reformation will be fast and come easily and safely
  66. There are veins irrigate the corruption and covers keep and protect it
  67. When will the change of souls be completed? To be happy by the divine relief
  68. Be alive the hands that purify the country from Dawa'ish of Corruption and be alive the voices that call for reformation
  69. The reformative walk is long we need to cross the distances quickly
  70. The patient will gain the victory even if it took him a longtime
  71. You are dead in your life if you are subdued and you are alive in your death if you are vanquishers
  72. We have to take lesson from the memory of blessed birthday of Al-Imam Al-Hasan
  73. The divine leader knows the suitable ways that his followers and lovers be bred through them
  74. Those who didn't know the meaning of obedience to the right leadership
  75. The wound and martyrdom of prince of believers was a result of reformation that he wanted in the nation
  76. My master O prince of believers: O the being that the Creator wanted him with the creatures in easing and restricting
  77. Indeed the denaturalization from Al-Sheikh Isa Qasim is a step in the opposite side
  78. The sun of Al-Sader's family will not disappear
  79. The Iraqi people stood patient in the fire of quack because he knows that his fire is the paradise
  80. Al-Sader's family is an Alawi emanation that Allah gave generously
  81. Love of Al-Iraq is not obsession which prevail on the conscience
  82. The crescent of Lesser Bairam appeared with the blood in my country
  83. The bloods of innocent Iraqis that were dropped by the hand of terrorism
  84. If we dont get from this government just the destruction and shed the bloods of the innocents
  85. From the achievements of government of corruption is making the Iraqi nation stand
  86. Whenever the spindle of the corruption and corruptors move then new threads were weaved from the terrorism
  87. If the person could diagnose his defects and lesions which harm the others
  88. The corruptors is the main cause behind the existence of Da'ish of terrorism in Iraq
  89. Dont make little from the matter of demonstration and dont be desperate from achievement of the reformation
  90. Indeed the existence of a leadership that represented by Muqtada Al-Sader had overstepped what it is expected
  91. The government of corruption is parasite live on the expense of society
  92. If you allege that you love Al-Imam Al-Hussein and you are from those who shed tears on him
  93. The steps of walking to the shrine of Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Al-Sader, when they touch the ground with high awareness
  94. The feet of the walkers are hammer which destroy the heads of the aberration and the deviation
  95. Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader is the glittering planet
  96. The martyrdom of Al-Sayyid Mohammed Al-Sader will remain the live artery
  97. Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader is the Alawi arrow that was thrown from the inspiration time to lie in this age
  98. Steps of walkers toward the shrine of Al-Sayyid the martyr are thunder and lightning
  99. Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader had characteristics
  100. The way that Al-Sayyid the martyr drew it by his blood and his son's blood
  101. In your march toward the holy shrineremember the days of heroism and sacrificing that Al-Sayyid the martyr lived
  102. The trust was offered on Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader then he undertook it alone
  103. Al-Sayyid the martyr Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader faced the injustice and the arrogance of Saddam the cursed
  104. The Muslims reached to the stage of clinging to the wrong inherited
  105. Peace be upon you O secret that a secret had surrounded him and what hidden is he
  106. When the nation reaches to this stage of awareness\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  107. Your strike O Iraqi is moments of beginning of the steps in way of prophets\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  108. The silent on the government of corruptors is either beneficiary from her or coward\By Ali Al-Zaidi
  109. The strike is the beginning of flood/By Ali Al-Zaidi
  110. The strike is one of substitute powers to face the corrupted oppressor/ by Ali Al-Zaidi
  111. more than one hundred thousand had attended in Al-Gadeer day to hear the statement of heaven \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  112. When Ali was crowned by the guardian and imamate in Al-Gadeer day \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  113. A heavy matter and great newsit is that message conveying / by Ali Al-Zaidi
  114. In those critical moments and the burning hotness of sun\by Ali Al-Zaidi
  115. If we don't remember the reasons of Al-Husseini revolution in Ashura' days\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  116. What a beautiful is to spend the age in crying and beating on chest without harm\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  117. If you want to support Al-Imam Al-Hussein and be in his pavilion
  118. The people of platforms (preachers) should\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  119. If Al-Imam Al-Hussein was resurrected in the present time \By Ali al-Zaidi
  120. Indeed the revolution of Al-Imam Al-Hussein is not just a anniversary which move the emotion, the sadness and the pain in us \ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  121. Greeting of Allah on Iraqi army who crushes Da'ish in Mosul \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  122. The victories that the Iraqi army realize in Mosul \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  123. The poison that entered into the body of Al-Imam Al-Hasan peace of Allah be upon him .by Ali Al-Zaidi
  124. The martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  125. The being took the blackness as garment by martyrdom of the greatest Messenger \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  126. Mohammed (peace of Allah be upon him and upon his family) is mission bestowal that renews Ali Al-Zaidi
  127. What severer is the sadness of hearts that loved the revelation of mission\ by Ali Al-Zaidi
  128. Brigades of peacemakers of life\By Ali Al-Zaidi
  129. The one who walked in the way of Al-Sadr's family...by Ali Al-Zaidi
  130. Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadrthen he deserved to be leader without any competitorby Ali Al-Zaidi
  131. The ability that Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr has by Ali Al-Zaidi
  132. It stills and continueslimbs are cuttingby Ali Al-Zaidi
  133. Settlement of defeatsettlement, otherwise you will pay bloods after bloodsby Ali Al-Zaidi
  134. The suggestions that the leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr presented\ by Ali Al-Zaidi
  135. Today by bloods of martyrs of the reformationBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  136. O my brothers who still far from the demonstrationBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  137. When you loved Iraq \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  138. Dont say I will depart \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  139. O my lord, who will move Iraq toward life after youBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  140. O seaBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  141. It is supposed now that we uniteBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  142. If we promised each otherBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  143. The moment of the mission was that bestowalBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  144. Let's renew the pact to our imam Al-Mahdi by loyalty and obedience / By Ali Al-Zaidi
  145. The one who sacrificed by his honorable pure bloods\By Ali Al-Zaidi
  146. Al-Imam Al-Hussein is a great reformative revolution\By Ali Al-Zaidi
  147. The walking toward father of the freemenby steps of the sincere pious people \By Ali Al-Zaidi
  148. peace be on the hearts and on the minds that didnt forget the order of their guide by the walking toward Karbala\By Ali Al-Zaidi
  149. Birthday of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi was the aperture of light which illumined hearts of believers\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  150. Let the glorification be your steps By Ali Al-Zaidi
  151. Halo of light which Al-Sayyid the martyr bore it has power of attraction not to be sneezed at itby Ali Al-Zaidi
  152. In the anniversary of your departure O my lord by Ali Al-Zaidi
  153. Your bloods O my lord are still irrigating the faith veins in usby Ali Al-Zaidi
  154. O martyr but he is that alive who didn't leave us by Ali Al-Zaidi
  155. In the anniversary of your martyrdom O my lord ..by Ali Al-Zaidi
  156. The events and attitudes that passed in history have more to be evidences to understand the presentby Ali Al-Zaidi
  157. Walk O my master the leader and move as you willby Ali Al-Zaidi
  158. Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadr is the tried antidoteby Ali Al-Zaidi
  159. When Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadr appeared on Lebanon fieldby Ali Al-Zaidi
  160. The hand that kidnapped and occulted Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadrby Ali Al-Zaidi
  161. Allah has dressed Ali a glaring lightby Ali Al-Zaidi
  162. There are characteristics for pious people from Allah which are reserved for them because of their high ranks at Him.by Ali Al-Zaidi
  163. Ali is servant of humanity that he was found in it and for it he was martyred alive...by Ali Al-Zaidi
  164. In Al-Ghadeer daythere is a divine speech had come on the heartsby Ali Al-Zaidi
  165. If you want to live moments of victory and reach to conquest of Al-Imam Al-Husseinby Ali Al-Zaidi
  166. The revolution of Al-Imam Al-Hussein isnt result from the chanceby Ali Al-Zaidi
  167. Al-Imam Al-Hussein rose by Ali Al- Zaidi
  168. If the bloods which had flowed in Karbala' don't move us by Ali Al-Zaidi
  169. They slaughtered you O my lord HusseinBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  170. Kingdom of Allah\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  171. Al-Hussein O a name which breaths of world spoke constantly of his lettersBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  172. Did Yazeed die? By Ali Al-Zaidi
  173. Garment of free people\ by Ali Al-Zaidi
  174. Time of departure \ by Ali Al-Zaidi
  175. The letters of prophet's name (the last prophet) by Ali Al-Zaidi
  176. Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr is a nation that its tile is the redemption\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  177. Get Iraq out of impasse of corruptors\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  178. Let's eradicate the black group\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  179. Go into election the better who feels sufferance of his nationby Ali Al-Zaidi
  180. The suggestions that the Iraqi leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr presented \by Ali Al-Zaidi
  181. Don't be happy and speak on the killers of Al-Imam Al-Hussein Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  182. There are more who think that walking in the integrityBy Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  183. Your appointing my master for imamateBy Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  184. The reformation is way of the prophetsBy Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  185. Fatima Al-Zahra' is from the highest Causes that participate in creation the thingsBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  186. The one who thinks that Fatima Al-Zahra' didnt participateBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  187. How wonderful ! She who has such surnames and leaves this beingby Ali Al-Zaidi
  188. The high faith degrees and distinctive sincerity don't come just by increasing the trials and their variety Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  189. The human should be ready to face any test or trial in any moment in his age Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  190. The high faith degrees and distinctive sincerity don't come just by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  191. To endeavor as sincere persons to fulfill what satisfy Allah and His great messengerMr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  192. Let it be in the mind of each sincere that from fixed matters toward the Divine leader.By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  193. Taking advantage of the previous experiences, and deal with historical sunanby Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  194. When the religious reformer appears in the societyby Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  195. The enemy didn't sleep nor overlook even for one moment from pursuing and observing Al-Imam Al-Mahdiby Ali Al-Zaidi
  196. O absent, present .. by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  197. If each Sadri seek to know Allah and work to what He wantsBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  198. O sedra of hope of the deemed weakBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  199. The characters of Sardi are the same charactersBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  200. We should feel of Al-Imam Al-MahdiBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  201. Al-Zahra' wanted by disappearance of her graveBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  202. If way jihad and facing was limited that the women does an important and effective role in itBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  203. Messenger of Allah surnamed Fatima Al-Zahra' by mother of her father-By Ali Al-Zaidi
  204. When they completed their terroristic work by breaking the rib of Al-Zahra' and breaking into the houseBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  205. The noticeable titles in the social or religious or political field dont make the personBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  206. Each one didnt prepare himself by preparations of readiness, sacrifice and obedienceBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  207. There are aims and lessons which have educational depth in the generationsBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  208. the sincere who were contemporary of the previous infalliblesBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  209. The Friday prayer will remain the reverberating voice and the excited volcanoBy Ali Al-Zaidi
  210. No one wears the shroud in the life except the free.by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  211. Till the right raged a volcano / by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  212. O my master who after you will move Iraq towards the life / by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  213. O my master .has mercy upon hearts which yearned for your highness and melted in your integrity/ by Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  214. The shrine of Al-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Sadr was built in Najaf near the shrine of Imam Ali to be a Kiblah for the visitors\ By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  215. The people in their walking to shrine of Al-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Sadr are demanding the existent guides to follow\ By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  216. there is challenge and confront the tyrant In each step of march to shrine of Al-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Sadr \ By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  217. The voice of reformation called outby the thinker and researcher Ali Al-Zaidi
  218. O you research for a life and its pulsating arteryby the researcher and thinker Ali Al-Zaidi
  219. The young revolutionist \ By the thinker and researcher Ali Al-Zaidi
  220. Congratulations your revolutionists O Iraq \ By the thinker and researcher Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  221. The sun of Al-Sadr family should rise \ By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  222. The existence of Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr is necessary existence \ Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  223. Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr will remain the first defender on Iraq \ By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  224. I am Iraqi \ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  225. O truthful of Iraq \By Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  226. Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr did efforts to save Iraq and its nation \ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  227. Wisdom and intelligence of Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr \ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  228. Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr doesnt interest about the large or few number from his followers \ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  229. Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr continues to be the tried antidote\ By Ali Al-Zaidi
  230. Glad tidings to independent Iraq
  231. Whenever the riots increased, the master of Iraq appeared by his guidance light
  232. Muqtada Al-Sadr is safety of Iraq
  233. O the youth of revolution and demonstration who keep to their home
  234. Low methods
  235. Where are you O Muhammad Al-Sadr
  236. O Sadr of Existence
  237. Why did they fight you O my master Al-Sadr
  238. Muhammad was sent to destroy buildings of polytheism and hypocrisy
  239. Messenger of Allah remains the presented mercy \ Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  240. Muhammad will remain the more human perfect \ Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  241. If the name of Muhammad never make them fear then they tried to forget him or neglected his matter \ Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  242. The prophecy and mission have great effect \ Mr. Ali Al-Zaidi
  243. The martyr of Husseiny way